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Sewing Clubs & Classes

We are passionate about getting children sewing and designing at our sewing clubs & classes.

Why come to our clubs?

Sewing is a fantastic way for children to develop fine motor skills, get creative and is an effective, easy exercise in mindfulness. Our clubs are a lovely, friendly social space – perfect for creativity to flourish, make friends, and have half an hour to relax and unwind.

The sense of pride children have when completing a project is such a joy to see – they often can’t wait to show their friends and family. The joy of mastering more complex stitches (especially chain stitch!) builds a strong sense of achievement as they learn they can do it!

All our projects have a purpose – whether a Toothbrush Holder for the next sleepover or a Needlecase for all their pins and needles at home – every project gives them self-esteem and a great sense of achievement.

Whether your child is a beginner and doesn’t know one end of a needle from the other, or they have shown an interest and would like to develop their skills – hand or machine sewing we have a class for them.

School Clubs

SEWing classes for schools 

Home Education Sewing Classes


sew what sewing clubs home

Studio Classes


sewing machine course

Hand Sewing Clubs

Studio based hand sewing classes

hand sewing hero

Sew Crafty Art Club

Sew Crafty after school classes

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Inspired to Sew at Home?

Check out our range of Sew at Home kits.

  • Scrunchie and Hairband Set Kit

    Summer Ice Cream Design Mini Scrunchie and Hairband Set Kit

  • hand sewing kit pineapple clip

    2 Pineapple Paperclips Kit

  • Noughts and Crosses Game Sewing Kit

    Noughts and Crosses Game Kit

  • sew your own bag kit

    Cat Bag Sewing Kit

  • sew your own mask kit

    Superhero Mask Kit

  • swimwear bag sewing kit

    Swimwear Bag Sewing Kit

  • Birdy Brooch Sewing Kit

    Birdy Brooch Sewing Kit

  • cushion sewing kit

    Wow Cushion Sewing Kit


Customers reviews

What people say?

I am so pleased with her progress this term. She's shown me and her grandmother how to use a needle threader and has taught me the names of different types of stitches. Her stitching seems more precise too, and she's enjoyed doing an embroidery kit. Thank you!
I wait every Thursday to go to Sew What, it’s so good. All the things that we sew are so amazing I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole school signed up!’
My daughters absolutely love going for sewing club. They get really excited about the new things they get to make. I love seeing the enthusiasm on their faces when they talk about what and how they’re making the items. My favourite is definitely the worry monster.