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Sew Crafty

Sew Crafty after school club combines fun craft and sewing activities. From making a beautiful personalised pen pot to a collage of your pet, there’s always new and creative projects to inspire young minds.

Sew Crafty Club

Trafalgar After School Club

Every Term-Time Tuesday & Wednesday

Year 4 - Tuesday
Year 6 - Wednesday

Summer Term Bookings now open!
After School

Please note:
These clubs are subject to change related to ongoing government COVID-19 guidelines.
See our Covid-19 Guidelines.

Inspired to Sew at Home?

Check out our range of Sew at Home kits.
  • IMG 4976

    Summer Ice Cream Design Mini Scrunchie and Hairband Set

  • IMG 4977

    Summer Lemons Mini Scrunchie and Hairband Set

  • IMG 4966

    Sunshine Badge

  • IMG 4965

    Jellyfish Finger Puppet



Our favourite event of the year!
Make and wrap some gorgeousgifts for friends & family.

Saturday 4th December
Holy Trinity Church, Twickenham Green
Session One: 1 – 2.30pm
Session Two: 3 – 4.30pm